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Lanyards are the most common methods of carrying identification credentials.  ID Badge Center offers an extensive selection of lanyards, in order to meet your needs.  View our diverse selection of distinct attributes and product features.  Standard or Custom

Contact us at [email protected] or call 704-560-8076, for assistance.


Lanyards selection begins by choosing your width, for example 3/8″, 5/8″, 3/4″ or 1″.   Then choose your fabric, from a nylon weave, to a plastic weather all, to an environmentally friendly bamboo.  Pick a cord style, such as flat woven or round cord.  Choose a color, from our standard colors or we can match any color you desire!  We also match PMS colors.  Pick the attachment that best works for you, resist flip or non-twist are very popular, keeping the front of your badge in constant view for visual security.  It is also recommended you add the safety break-away feature, minimize the risk of choking.  And last but not least, further your branding efforts by adding your logo or text, this is available on most styles.

Reach out to our product specialist for personalized help in designing both the comfort and style you require. Our vast stock of attachments will help your organization obtain a quality level of efficiency and security; another feature example is adding a Badge Reel attachments that further extends your ability to reach a scanner. If you don’t see what suits your needs, ID Badge Center will develop the product for you meeting color, width, attachment and print style you require.  Let us help you design exactly what you want.

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