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Printer Ribbons

ID Printer Ribbons, selecting the correct one for your printer can sometimes be challenging. Without the correct Printer Ribbon, the card that comes out of your printer will not bring you the results you may have been looking for. Printer Ribbons are necessary to add the customization aspect to each of your print jobs. If you need assistance selecting the right printer ribbon for your printer, contact our printer specialist at   [email protected]. Or call 704-560-8076.


When selected correctly, the Printer Ribbons we supply from HID Global can help optimize the performance of your HID Fargo High-Definition Printing (HDP), or Direct-to-Card (DTC) printer. Furthermore, all of the HID Printer Ribbons we supply have sensors built into them. These sensors are read by any corresponding HID Fargo ID card printer in order to insure you are receiving certified products and the quality backing of HID that we all depend on.

High-Definition vs. Direct-to-Card

However, as stated previously, these products come with a fair amount of options. For example, the most basic division between our Printer Ribbons are those used for HDP printers verses the DTC printers. Moreover, HDP High Definition Printing™ ribbons and HDP Film combine to produce virtually tamper proof and durable cards. With crisp, 300 or 600 dpi images – even on the imperfect surface of technology cards.

DTC ribbons, on the other hand, produce colorful images, crisp text and precise bar codes. This is because of their ability to quickly apply images to the cards, without adding extra layers or aspects.
Although, each of those two categories possesses several variations within themselves.
Do you want full color on both the front and backside of your badges? What about a Fluorescent panel placed on your ID cards? Does your print job require monochrome colors instead of those that come standard?

In addition, some printers, like the HDP5600 (part number 93600), have backwards compatibility with another printer’s ribbon, such as the HDP5000 (part number 89600).

While each of the above options can provide additional visual security. It can be intimidating having to navigate through so many individual aspects if you’re new to the identification industry. If you’re having trouble selecting the right printer ribbon for your printer, be sure to contact a printer specialist from ID Badge Center at [email protected]. We are committed to helping you make the most out of every detail in your print job.

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