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ID Software

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ID Software

ID Badge Center offers a select group of ID software programs to fit your specific identification needs. For help selecting the right components for your system contact us at [email protected] or call (800) 729-3722 and talk with our system specialist.


Asure ID serves as an easy introduction to ID software thanks to its new user interface, and simplified printer processes. In addition, Asure ID 7 utilizes the latest version of Microsoft® Office or Windows® 8 ribbon. This allows it to easily support complex ID card applications. As an HID product, Asure ID can also integrate seamlessly with the HID Fargo printer line, as well as the Easylobby Visitor Management Program. Thus, the process of producing and maintaining an identification security system is made much simpler with the use of this software.

If your looking to keep track of personnel, though, then Easylobby’s Visitor Management Program might be the software for you. Some features it presents include ID scanning, record creation, badge printing, watch list screening, check-in and check-out, and email notifications. These aspects allow your organization to know who is in a certain area or facility at all times.

Finally, there’s EPI Suite. Due to its face-finding tool, customized camera driver, and ability to manage large amounts of data, photos, and ID badge designs, this ID software is perfect for criminal justice systems and other organizations in need of consistently high-quality photo ID badges. Additionally, as an EPI Suite Channel Partner, Integrated ID Systems Inc. can supply each variation of EPI Suite from ImageWare. These include EPI Suite Lite, EPI Suite Classic, and EPI Suite Pro.

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